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Top Three Reasons You Need to Hire a Certified Health Coach

Top Three Reasons You Need to Hire a Certified Health Coach

Top Three Reasons You Need to Hire a Certified Health Coach

If you scroll through any social media outlet, you’re going to see countless accounts claiming to be “health coaches” – the line is so vague in social media that is. Some that are claiming the health coach title are trained individuals, and some are just repeating stories seen on other Instagram or Facebook accounts – you 100% want to go for the trained individual. Take a look at the reasons below why you should work with a certified health coach.

1)      A certified health coach is trained to assist you in many different areas of your life. We’re trained to understand how each area ties together. For example – you have stress in your life – a coach from social media might tell you to workout, practice yoga, read a book, etc. All of these are excellent ideas as well – but do you want to put a band aid on the problem, or find the root cause of the problem? Certified coaches are trained to find the root causes to common issues.

2)      Certified health coaches understand what is and what is not within their realm of expertise. We understand the scope of our training and our practice. We understand the signs and symptoms of an individual that needs deeper help than we can provide. A client may approach their coach with an array of issues looking for solutions. The signs may all lead to depression, or an illness of some sort – certified health coaches are trained to acknowledge this and help this individual reach the appropriate care they need.

3)      Many certified health coaches are trained in other areas of health and wellness as well. For example – the health coach may also be a certified personal trainer or a yoga instructor. This would be beneficial for your coaching sessions as this coach could train you in all areas of your life not focusing on one area. Many issues come from only pursuing one area on your health and wellness journey. Just working out 5 days a week will not give you your desired results, you also need to look into your nutrition, general health, mindset, career, relationships with the people in your life, etc. 

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Sandy Smith is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Latitude Wellness, a health coaching business offering one-on-one health coaching, personal training, meal preparation, and corporate wellness programs.

If you are interested in hiring a health coach, visit www.latitudewellnesscoach.com.

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