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Mother’s Day Exclusive: Q&A with award-winning blogger Candace Boyd Wylie

Mother’s Day Exclusive: Q&A with award-winning blogger Candace Boyd Wylie

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting local moms who are kicking ass while balancing family and career.

We’re excited to introduce Candace Boyd Wylie, an award-winning blogger, food creative, spice slanger, and media personality; sharing her love of cooking and making sure no dish goes unseasoned with the world.

Candace launched Foodlovetog in 2013, providing food education, recipes, and a handcrafted small batch spice line, all while being a mother to a vivacious 5-year-old.

As an entrepreneur, what are some of the challenges you face as it relates to balancing your wellness journey?

So, we are all busy, right? I think one of the hardest challenges is not making myself feel guilty for saying no, or turning something down simply because I just don’t feel like doing it. In this day and age of being “present” and in the front, it can be so hard balancing it all. But, I’ve learned that I can’t pour from an empty cup, and saying no, or turning down opportunities that aren’t for FoodLoveTog or me as a brand is ok.


How do you incorporate wellness into your daughter’s life?

Ahhhh, Wellness for a little one. It’s tricky. I feel like I constantly stress over is she eating enough, did she take her vitamin.. all of those things. But it’s more than just the health part; I like to make sure my daughter’s mental wellness is aligned too. So sometimes, that means a day off from school (she’s pre-k) to just hang out and chill.

My daughter is very much a creature of habit, so staying organized by picking out clothes for the week on Sunday, packing lunch at night, and having our moments of quiet time are all ways to keep her “well” on all fronts.


What does wellness mean to you? What tips would you give other moms who may be struggling with creating a balance between motherhood and wellness?

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Wellness, to me, is having an overall healthy quality of life. From your physical health, your mental health, spiritual and financial health. Making sure that those items are positive and good to and for you. You may not have them all tipping the scale on the good side all the time, but working toward that is the goal for me.  

Some of the tips I would share that will help:

  • Show up and do your part to the best of your ability; God will handle the rest.
  • Saying ‘no’ is okay.
  • Remember that you are human. You may have dreams, goals, aspirations, all before motherhood. So, take time for yourself.
  • Use the village. If you don’t have one, find one. I can’t do it all and without the people in my life that love my daughter and want the best for us both.
  • The village mentality is real, and I am nothing with all their love and support.


What does a mother mean to you?

Mother’s Day always gets me in my feels! I was raised by amazing mothers; my mom and my grandmas were just awesome. I learned how to mother from them. Being a mom is something I never thought I’d experience, so it is truly the coolest, craziest, funniest, most emotional job I’ve ever had!! It means being awake at the crack of dawn even when you’re sleepy; it means sharing food even though you don’t want to, it is watching a piece of your heart grow and develop into this cool little person.


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