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Mother’s Day Exclusive: Q&A Radio/TV Personality, Erica “E-Klass” Pierce

Mother’s Day Exclusive: Q&A Radio/TV Personality, Erica “E-Klass” Pierce

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting local moms who are kicking ass while balancing family and career. We’re excited to introduce Erica “E-Klass” Pierce, a proud mother, radio/TV personality, public speaker, and voice-over actress.

She’s currently a radio personality on WRWM and WWKX in addition to being the afternoon personality on the national Westwood One Classic Hip Hop format. When she’s not behind a mic, she’s managing her marketing company, Klass Marketing Solutions.  Learn how she balances it all below.


As an entrepreneur, what are some of the challenges you face as it relates to balancing your wellness journey?

Personally, I’ve struggled with simply making time for myself. It may seem selfish, but I truly believe self-care is essential and something that I constantly put on the back burner. Think about it. If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of anyone (or anything) else?


How do you incorporate wellness into your kids’ lives?

I incorporate wellness into my kids’ lives through various ways from our food choices, to encouraging them to be active as much as possible, to helping them foster positive relationships with others, and to find ways to effectively deal with their emotions. Emotional and mental wellness is important too!


What does wellness mean to you? What tips would you give other moms who may be struggling with creating a balance between motherhood and wellness?

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When we hear the term “wellness,” we generally think of food and fitness. Wellness is so much more than that. Wellness is being the best you that you can be physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and in other areas as well. I encourage other moms who may be struggling with finding that balance to take things one step at a time. Trust the process and know that as a mother, we have to be leading examples for our children. It starts at home. Encourage them to be better through your actions.

What does a mother mean to you?  

I believe experiencing motherhood is one of the biggest honors a woman can receive. The idea that God saw fit for you to bring another life into this world, to nurture, and to love someone more than yourself is such a blessing. Being a mother isn’t easy, and at times, I wish it came with a manual, but the reward is so much greater in the end. Being a mother means being selfless, strong, empowering, a friend, and for many, a first occurrence of what it truly means to love.


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