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Mother’s Day Exclusive: Q&A with Katy Mann founder of Indywithkids.com

Mother’s Day Exclusive: Q&A with Katy Mann founder of Indywithkids.com

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting local moms who are kicking ass while balancing family and career. We’re excited to introduce Katy Mann, founder of Indywithkids.com, Indiana’s #1 website for families looking for fun, family-friendly things to do. Learn how she built a brand and a business while being a rock star mom.


As an entrepreneur, what are some of the challenges you face as it relates to balancing your wellness journey?

Balancing anything in life has been such a huge challenge and wellness seems to be the first to go, even though I know it’s so important. If I’m not well and I’m not taking care of myself, I can’t perform to my optimum potential, yet I’ve been terrible at scheduling the time to keep myself well. My kid’s activities and needs get in the way, my job gets in the way and really, just my own bad decisions get in the way sometimes — I say I don’t have time, but I find myself watching television more than I should.

At the end of 2018, I decided to start being more intentional about healing my body from all the damage I’ve done by not balancing my wellness journey. I started a program where I removed most of the “junk” from my diet and started being mindful of what fuels my body and I’ve lost 70 pounds. I joined a group called Monumental Moms, and we’re all a part of an online group where we plan meetups to run or walk regularly. I’ve also very recently joined the Monon Community Center so that I can participate in fun, group exercise classes and let my kids participate in a community that has movement and health at the heart of it all. I’ve been taking baby steps towards finding the right balance.

How do you incorporate wellness into your kids’ lives?

We’re at that rough stage that many parents go through, where my kids have about five things they want to eat and anything outside of those five things puts our dinner time routine into a tailspin. As I’ve focused more on what food I’m putting into MY body, I’ve been making changes to their diet as well — we’re eating more fish, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, we’re talking about the decisions we make about what we eat. I’m trying to lead by example, that means to live an active lifestyle surrounded by good decisions. I’m doing my best to show them what it means to rest and recharge and I’m definitely showing them what it means to work hard and play hard.

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What does wellness mean to you? What tips would you give other moms who may be struggling with creating a balance between motherhood and wellness?

To me, wellness means answering the needs of your body and your mind by giving it the best. Wellness is different for everyone, but it could be getting a massage when you need therapeutic touch or rest for your mind; seeing a therapist, fueling your body with healthy foods or something as simple as hugging your babies, or significant other every single day. If you’re struggling to create a balance between motherhood and wellness, ask for help. Call a friend, a babysitter, a family member. Tell your partner you need time or help or encouragement. Make an appointment for yourself every day and claim that time, even if it’s 5 or 15 minutes. There’s a way!

What does a mother mean to you?  

To me, a mother is someone who gives life. The problem with all of that giving is that we need to make sure we have something left to give at the end of the day. There will be seasons that we don’t feel we have anything left to give, but we dig deep, and we need to replenish those stores for the future.

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