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10th Street Diner: Vegan Food for Everyone

10th Street Diner: Vegan Food for Everyone

  • Indy's vegan scene just majorly improved.
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Familiar food that’s good for you prepared by a son and mother duo–10th Street is the new destination for vegans. An old gas station and pawn shop have been turned into this intimate restaurant space that opened on May 11th of this year. Will Holmes, the son of the duo, gave us the low down on this new happening spot.


Can you tell us a little bit about how 10th Street Diner got started and became what it is now?

My mom and I have been running a catering company for the past 10 years or so. We are both vegan but were cooking meat for our catering events. There’s an obvious conflict there for us. We always wanted to open a vegan restaurant, so here we are.


What motivates you for the vegan aspect of 10th Street?

This city is seriously lacking vegan options, Three Carrots and Ezras do a great job, but this is a large city and only having two vegan restaurants leaves a big hole in the market. We wanted to create a place that we would want to go to. Making approachable vegan food for vegans and non-vegans alike.


Ken N. from Yelp

What makes your menu unique?

We try to make food that people feel they have to give up to be vegan. Things like Burgers, Lasagna, Chorizo, Chx Pot Pie. The Seitan Reuben and the Lasagna are the most popular things so far.

What impact do you hope to have in the community?

There is an idea out there that vegan food is less flavorful or satisfying. We’re trying to get rid of that idea. We also believe in the 10th Street revitalization that’s happening right now and we want to help make this community thrive. With additions like the Mayfair, Beholder and soon to be 18th Street Brewery going in a few doors down we hope 10th Street will become a sought after destination in Indianapolis.




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Do you see the vegan community growing in Indy?

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Absolutely! Droves of people are realizing the impact meat has on our planet. Then there are the health benefits and animal cruelty issues. We see nothing but growth going forward.

What kind of response have you seen from the community and customers since opening?

We can hardly keep up with business right now. We had to close early last Saturday because we completely ran out of food. We are excited to be here and the community seems to be excited as well.


Customers can enjoy and explore a variety of vegan food options while relaxing only steps away from the kitchen where their meal is being prepared. This duo certainly makes anyone feel right at home.

Experience the goodness of 10th Street Diner–we’ll definitely be returning soon.

Keep in touch by following them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/10thStDiner/.

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