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Q&A with Indy Chef and Healthy Food Influencer Kathryn Marris

Q&A with Indy Chef and Healthy Food Influencer Kathryn Marris

Meal Prep Sunday is the hottest trend right now in health and fitness but it’s really important if you want to get serious about your health. This month, we are excited to spotlight Kat Marris a local chef and meal prep coach who focuses on creating healthy recipes that are easy and delicious. We sat down with Marris to learn more about her passion for health and why she built her meal prep business. Check out our interview below.


Tell us more about yourself and what inspired you to become a chef and start your blog and meal prep service?

I’m a chef on meal prep and healthy cooking mission! I run an online meal prep program called the Meal Prep Coach (www.mealprepcoachprogram.com), which is designed to take the stress out of meal prepping and healthy eating. I also teach meal prep cooking lessons and deliver corporate wellness presentations. I am also a food blogger and write about meal prep topics and provide healthy recipes on my blog, Freshandbalanced.com. My goal is to help you eat healthier and feel better one meal at a time!

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Indianapolis and working in the field for several years, I found my passion for healthy cooking. As I struggled through my own post-college weight loss journey, I saw the power of meal prepping fresh, wholesome foods and sticking to consistently meal prepping. I lost the weight I needed, regained my health and never looked back! I went to culinary school to become a chef to learn more about making delicious, healthy food and make a career change. Now, I combine my communication skills and my abilities as a chef to get you to meal prepping and eating healthy meals!

When I was in culinary school, I started my blog, Fresh and Balanced, to update friends and family on my progress. When I noticed that they were starting to request many of my recipes, I began to create a weekly menu with the recipes and grocery list that I emailed to a small group so everyone could meal prep what I was eating as well! From there it grew into my new meal prep program called the Meal Prep Coach! It’s an online meal prep resource with menus, grocery lists, recipes, instructional videos and more to help you meal prep healthy and delicious food! 


What are some of your go-to healthy restaurants in Indy?

Greenleaf Juicing Co., CoreLife Eatery, Three Carrots Fountain Square and Cafe Patachou. 

What are your favorite things to cook? Where do you find inspiration to develop your recipes? 

That’s a hard one! I love cooking anything fresh and in season. Right now I’ve been making lots of recipes that include tomatoes, corn, and basil. I’ve also enjoyed playing with chia seed puddings for the summer, it’s such a refreshing breakfast or snack in hot temperatures. Ultimately any recipe that shows how delicious and flavorful healthy food can be is my favorite! I like to cook and create recipes that are made with fresh, minimally processed ingredients that can go from the kitchen to your table quickly!  

Sometimes my inspiration comes from some of the classic foods we all ate growing up, but I want to make them not just delicious, but also better for you than the originals! Inspiration can come from the changing seasons, holidays, just about anywhere!



In addition to your blog, you offer meal prep services. What are the benefits of hiring a meal prep coach?  

There are so many benefits to having an experienced meal prepper guide you in your meal prep journey! It can be so overwhelming to start meal prepping when you look at what you need to do. I’m here to help you overcome any obstacle! With the Meal Prep Coach program, I provide you with all the tools you need to successfully meal prep. From a new delicious menu every week, with recipes, grocery list and tips I’ve got you covered! I carefully write and test my recipes so that they last in the fridge for five days and taste great! Having a coach that can answer questions, help you find your balance and provide all the tools you need is so important to successfully meal prep! 

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What’s next? Do you have a 3-5 year goal?

I absolutely do! I will be continuing to grow the Meal Prep Coach program and adding new features! I’m also excited to start my own YouTube channel (Fresh and Balanced) where I will share about meal prep, healthy cooking tips, and my travel adventures!


The wellness scene is growing thanks to entrepreneurs like yourself. How do you see Indy’s wellness scene growing? 

I’m already so excited to see how the Indy wellness scene has already grown! Looking at the growth from when I started my blog, I have definitely seen an increased interest in health and wellness in our city. From delicious health-focused restaurants to new gyms and studios popping up everywhere, I’m very encouraged! I only see more and more resources for living a healthy lifestyle coming to Indy in the coming years! 


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