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5 Tips on how to try and avoid over-indulging at the Indiana State Fair

5 Tips on how to try and avoid over-indulging at the Indiana State Fair

It’s Officially Indiana State Fair season and it opens this Friday, August 2 and runs through August 18 and it’s one of the most anticipated events of the year! But before you reach for those stretchy pants in preparation for the big event, take a moment to consider a less gluttonous approach. Don’t ruin your healthy eating patterns for a fling with deep-fried Oreo on a stick. Planning ahead is the key to success and can go a long way. And of course, we got you covered!


Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Pack a water bottle. Drink water throughout your visit so that you stay hydrated and aren’t tempted to quench your thirst with sodas or other sugar-loaded beverages.
  2. Eat before you go. There are loads of food vendors throughout the fair – and the aromas alone will entice anyone. However, if you’re full, you may be less tempted. Choose a healthy snack or meal before you leave that’s full of lean protein, fiber, and whole grains.
  3. Share food. Split up that elephant ear or take a few bites of the turkey leg and pass it on. That way you can taste everything, without feeling guilty.
  4. Make a plan. Plan what healthier options you’ll choose ahead of time so that it’s easier to avoid temptations.
  5. Have fun! The fair isn’t just about food. Creating a list of activities you’ll do at the fair can help you to focus on other sources of enjoyment at the fair beyond just eating.



Again, planning ahead is the best thing to do. If you know you want to indulge in all things fried, get an extra workout in before you hit the fairgrounds to compensate for the extra calories to come. Or consider eating a healthy snack beforehand to curb any potential cravings.

Make sure to stay hydrated — dehydration can sometimes be disguised as hunger, especially when you knock a few beers back at the fair.  Also, remember to keep your body moving — walking around the grounds will keep you burning calories. And don’t feel guilty about not finishing everything you buy — if you’re full, throw it away — the extra calories are not helping.

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But if you commit to just enjoying yourself completely, don’t beat yourself up afterward. Let’s be realistic, eating with friends and family at the Indiana State Fair is a once a year thing. So if you overindulge, it’s only one day, so forgive yourself and get back on track.

Biking to the fair is the perfect way to get a workout in before you start indulging in your favorite fair foods. And the State Fair is encouraging people to do just that. Grab your family, friends, bikes and let’s celebrate the end of summer at the fair.

    On Saturday, August 10 at 10 AM, join Mayor Joe Hogsett on a bicycle ride to the Fair! The ride will launch from River House, 6311 Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis, IN, 46220.
  • PEDAL & PARK (Free Bicycle Parking)
    Save $1 off Fair admission when you ride your bicycle to the State Fair and use one of the (free) secured bicycle racks available on the Monon Trail at 38th Street. Available daily from 10 AM to 9 PM, or until 11 PM Tuesdays and Saturdays. Bicyclists must enter through Gate 18 on the Monon Trail.

For more information on the Indiana State Fair, visit www.indianastatefair.com.

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