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Peloton opens first Indiana location at The Fashion Mall

Peloton opens first Indiana location at The Fashion Mall

The popular high-tech cycling platform, Peloton has built a bonafide fitness phenomenon by creating a connected community through fitness. Peloton just opened up its first Indiana showroom at the Fashion Mall at Keystone, which specializes in premium fitness bikes and treadmills.

The new showroom officially opened last Thursday, and the goal is to provide customers the chance to see and try the technology first hand. Peloton is continuing the celebration by hosting a panel with their very own Matty Maggiacomo – Peloton in conversation with Peloton Member, and Indiana native Jim Childers. The event will take place at the showroom on Thursday, August 15 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., discussing the power of fitness and community.

If you’ve always wanted a fancy piece of equipment, it will set you back $1,995 for the bike or $4,000 for the treadmill. Not to mention an additional $39 flat monthly subscription – just a little more than what one boutique fitness class typically costs. This $39 monthly subscription offers members access to the company’s live and on-demand fitness classes.

Over 440,000 people follow Peloton’s official Facebook page, where users connect posting photos of themselves on their bikes. Here you can also find updates on member’s workout regimens, along with images of superfans with the company logo tattooed! There’s no doubt that you will find more than a few famous faces among the Peloton community, including actor Hugh Jackman, Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt, and even billionaire Virgin Group, founder Richard Branson.

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The Indianapolis showroom will have the same operating hours as the Fashion Mall. If you are interested in testing out a bike or treadmill, visit booking.onepeloton.com to reserve a personalized Peloton tutorial in the showroom.

For more information, visit www.onepeloton.com.

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