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Mom-centric Fitness Franchise, Baby Boot Camp Caters to New Moms

Mom-centric Fitness Franchise, Baby Boot Camp Caters to New Moms

The health and fitness sector is a $30 billion industry and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. People are conscious about getting fit, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this by investing in gyms and fitness franchises. In particular, women’s fitness franchise opportunities represent a unique portion of the fitness franchising world. They are typically fun, supportive and safe environments meant to encourage a woman’s wellness goals.

Baby Boot Camp, a mom-centric fitness franchise is helping new moms stay fit without sacrificing time away from the little ones. We sat down with the new owner of Baby Boot Camp-Indiana, Kimberly Conway, to learn all about Baby Boot Camp and her goal to help Indy moms. 


What is Baby Boot Camp and why is it important? 

Baby Boot Camp is a national mommy and me fitness program, where Moms are the focus. Nationally certified fitness professionals lead Baby Boot Camp’s stroller fitness classes which combine strength-training exercises and cardiovascular drills in 60-minute sessions, incorporating pilates, yoga, and abdominal exercises to help improve core strength. Starting in September we will also off Restore the Core, a mat base, low impact class, focusing on strengthening the core.

We offer modifications at every class to include moms of all fitness levels, including prenatal and postpartum. Baby Boot Camp fills in a gap in the fitness industry. While many gyms offer daycare, our programs facilitate bonding with our children by making memories and having fun while also having a structured fitness regimen. Our instructors ensure moms are working for each muscle group in a safe and effective manner. Not only the health of our members improves, but Baby Boot Camp also models healthy behaviors for kids by showing that fitness can be fun, an impactful message when childhood obesity is on the rise.

Beyond fitness, we are more than just a workout, we are a community of support. Our classes help moms to juggle it all, and it all comes with a bonus – a tribe of other moms who can relate to the same struggles and are able to support one another each day. Our Tribe has access to both local and national partner discounts including Mountain Buggy, Happy Family Organics, The Urban Chalkboard, Green Apple Active Lifestyle Boutique, and many more.


What is your background as it relates to health and wellness?

I have a B.S. in Public Health Education focusing on Women’s Health from Indiana University. I’m not someone who loves to workout, but I workout to be strong and healthy for my family. Baby Boot Camp is not about being skinny, it’s about being our best self. All Baby Boot Camp instructors are required to hold the highest standard of training, not only continuing education for their national certifications, but also specialize in focusing on prenatal and postpartum fitness from Baby Boot Camp. Baby Boot Camp follows the guidelines set by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Council on Exercise.


Is Baby Boot Camp new to Indianapolis?

Baby Boot Camp has been on the Northside of Indy for about five years under the former owner who paved a wonderful path of connections and community in our community. Baby Boot Camp was created in San Francisco in 2001, by Kristen Horler to balance the fitness needs of new moms with their desire to spend time with their children and is now a nationwide franchise.


How do moms get involved in Baby Boot Camp? 

Local moms can get involved with us by visiting, www.babybootcamp.com to see class schedules, pricing, and register. The first class is free! Because our programs are based on the needs of our members, class locations are located out in the community and new classes and locations are always in the works. This also allows us to keep the cost of the class as low as around $6! 

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What’s the future of Baby Boot Camp in Indy?

We’re excited to grow the Baby Boot Camp Mom Strong Tribe in Indiana and will continue to grow as interest grows to meet the demands and interest of our members.


Is there anything else you want to share about Baby Boot Camp? 

When I was a brand new mom, I realized how much better I felt when we got out of the house. We did all the mommy and me programs and took any chance to go to the grocery. Although it can feel like it takes an army to get in the car, I realized I was able to be a better mom. While pregnant with my second child, I started looking for exactly what Baby Boot Camp offers. I wanted to be with my kids, but still feel like I was taking care of myself, a difficult balance every mom walks. Soon after I began taking Baby Boot Camp classes, the franchise was available to purchase and the rest is history. 


The easiest way to learn and get involved with Baby Boot Camp is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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