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Don’t Know What Foods Are In Season? There’s an App for That

Don’t Know What Foods Are In Season? There’s an App for That

Most people don’t realize how far food travels before it actually reaches the grocery store. Did you know Seasonal foods are fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season? When you walk into the grocery store you usually can’t tell what season it is because we can buy fresh berries in January and avocados all year round. However, many of us have no clue what fruits and vegetables are actually in a season where we live.

According to scientists, researchers, and natural health experts, it is important to eat with the cycles of nature and only consume food that was grown at the time you are eating it. These days technology advancements make it easier to make healthier choices with just a couple of clicks on our mobile phone. There is pretty much an app for everything and now there’s an app to help you buy produce in season.

The Seasonal Food Guide App helps you find what fruits and veggies you should be eating, based on the time of year and your geography. With information on 140+ fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts and herbs, the Seasonal Food Guide App is the most comprehensive digital almanac of seasonal, and local foods available.

The App is free to download on Android and iOS and makes it easy for you to check when is the best time to buy local asparagus, spinach and more in Indiana or wherever you may be. The app includes great recipe ideas, fun facts as well as environmental impact data for each type of food. It was created in consultation with scientists by the nonprofit Grace Communications Foundation, which works to educate the public about food sustainability.

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So before you make a grocery list, download the Seasonal Food Guide App it will help eat the freshest produce all year long.

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