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Schmidt’s Releases Natural Deodorant Co-Created With Justin Bieber

Schmidt’s Releases Natural Deodorant Co-Created With Justin Bieber

Schmidt’s has released Here+Now, a baking soda-free natural deodorant co-created with international superstar Justin Bieber. The Grammy-nominated artist helped select the gender-neutral fragrance and co-design the packaging. With Justin as a partner, the brand is furthering its mission to make effective natural products accessible to everyone.

Schmidt’s prioritizes physical and mental wellness, and the name of the new deodorant is intended to celebrate small, yet intentional, choices that lead to happier and healthier lives. The packaging boasts the words “Be Kind. Stress Less. Hug More.” as a means to inspire a conversation around wellness and optimism for the future.

“Here + Now is all about living in this moment we’ve been given and making the most of it,” says Bieber. “I try to share that message through my music, my lifestyle and through the partners I choose to collaborate with. Schmidt’s is a great brand whose products promote natural self-care, which is something I really believe in: take care of yourself, live your best life, and always be Here + Now.

Here+Now marks the introduction of a sensitive-skin version of Schmidt’s best-selling activated charcoal deodorant, enriched with magnesium. The natural deodorant is free of baking soda and neutralizes odor, and offers an essential-oil derived spicy citrus and warm floral scent, anchored by deep and sophisticated woodsy base notes. During a pre-sale in September, the product became Schmidt’s fastest-selling launch of the year within the first day.

“At Schmidt’s, we believe in the power of self-care, and each and every one of our products is crafted based on that passion, including Here+Now,” says Ryu Yokoi, CEO of Schmidt’s Naturals. “We’re thrilled to introduce a natural deodorant that is not only effective, but also serves as a call to mindfulness and living in the moment. As a co-creator, Justin has been integral in the development of Here+Now by bringing his own personal journey with self-care to the table.”

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Like all Schmidt’s products, Here+Now is plant-based, certified vegan and cruelty-free, and never formulated with aluminum or artificial fragrance. The product is now widely available at Schmidts.com, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods and select retailers in Canada.

Here+Now sensitive-skin natural deodorant is the latest addition to Schmidt’s portfolio of deodorant, body wash, bar soap, tooth+mouth paste, mouthwash, and home care products.

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