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Local Pilates Studio Expands Services to Bring Pre-and Postnatal Pilates to Fountain Square

Local Pilates Studio Expands Services to Bring Pre-and Postnatal Pilates to Fountain Square

For new moms, many questions come to mind when planning how to exercise during pregnancy. Pilates is one of the best exercises you can do during pregnancy and after. It’s one of the best low impact workouts that focus on strengthening and lengthening the muscles needed during pregnancy, as well as postpartum.

Some of the benefits of pre-and postnatal Pilates include back pain relief, improved posture, improved circulation, increased energy, and much more. Read on to learn how a local pilates studio is helping expecting moms to stay active. 

Indianapolis area pilates studio, ERA Pilates is a fully equipped, women-focused studio, founded in 2018 by Mary Herrera after experiencing the benefits of Pilates after a knee injury. The studio offers high-quality, one-on-one, and small group Pilates sessions. This past October, the studio started to offer pre-and postnatal classes led by the studio owner, one of the two primary instructors at the studio. 

“As I continued to advance my practice, I discovered that pre-and postnatal was an underserved population,” said Mary Herrera, Owner & founder of ERA Pilates. “I was determined to be able to support these new moms by helping them move safely and effectively through their pregnancy and after delivery. It’s been a privilege to work many amazing women in Indianapolis and to be a part of their health journey.”

Pilates during all stages of pregnancy can help strengthen the body while allowing the abdominals and pelvis to open and stretch in preparation for childbirth. Also, the studio can assist with the recovery of the body after birth. The classes focus on the engagement in the abdominals and develop pelvic stability so that expecting moms can find her new routine, stated studio owner Mary Herrera.

“I first started working with Mary in January of this year just so I could get back into a fitness routine that I love in a more private environment,” said ERA Pilates, client Ellie Howard Fields. “I was immediately hooked. A few months into training with her, I found out I was pregnant! I let her know, and she immediately switched things over to prenatal training for me without skipping a beat. I’ve experienced chronic back pain since I was 15, and this was a big concern for me with being pregnant. Fortunately, Mary has helped me keep this in check – always giving me exercises and stretches to help combat any pain I’ve felt while also focusing on exercises that make me stronger for labor. I now only have ten weeks left until the baby arrives, and I honestly think I would have an entirely different pregnancy experience if it weren’t for Mary.”

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At ERA Pilates, you can choose from Pilates Privates sessions or Duet Pilates. The Private sessions offer one-on-one attention, guidance for proper alignment, an hour to work toward personal goals, and a safe place to discuss injury and health concerns. And for those that want a group atmosphere, Duet Pilates offers small group focused sessions. The goal for a duet session is for clients to experience a full-body workout from head to toe. And a small group is a unique way to interact with peers and push each other toward reaching personal goals. 

To learn more or to book a class, visit www.erapilates.com or follow the studio on Instagram

DISCLAIMER: Please consult with your physician before beginning any prenatal exercise program. Your doctor will determine what type of prenatal exercise is safe and appropriate for your body and pregnancy, based on your medical history.

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