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30 Minute Hit, A Women-Only Boxing Gym Plans to Open in Indianapolis

30 Minute Hit, A Women-Only Boxing Gym Plans to Open in Indianapolis

The 30 Minute Hit franchise was founded in Canada almost 15 years ago by Deanna and Jackson Loychuk to fill a void in the women’s only fitness market.

Over the past year, the fitness concept opened eight new locations in the United States and signed an additional 14 development agreements in brand new markets such as Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, Austin, Indianapolis and California.

Designed just for women, each 2-minute round based on boxing, kickboxing, general self-defense, and core stability training, will challenge you each and every time to improve your fitness.

“Looking back on 2019, it’s incredible to see all the advances and milestones our brand has reached,” said Jackson Loychuk, 30 Minute Hit Co-Founder and CEO. “This has been the busiest year in our company’s history. Our brand has seen the most growth in the U.S. since its founding. We’ve also signed locations internationally in Saudi Arabia and Ireland. We are thrilled to continue to spread our message of empowerment as we work to positively impact as many women as we can, one punch and kick at a time!”

This breakthrough in growth is thanks to the brand’s focus on franchisee support – something it will continue to spotlight in 2020, along with an emphasis on developing new and innovative technology. 30 Minute Hit’s charitable efforts will also remain a top priority. In 2019, the company hit a milestone, raising more than $1 million over the last nine years for its annual fundraiser for all women’s cancers.

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With more than 70 locations already open internationally, 30 Minute Hit plans to open 50 more studios by the end of 2020, targeting new markets in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The brand, backed by a devoted corporate leadership team, is continuing to look for qualified franchisees to partner with in order to be a source of strength in women’s lives.

For more information about the 30 Minute Hit franchise opportunity, visit https://www.my30minutehit.com/.

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