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These Are The Best Fitness Studios and Instructors in Indianapolis, According to ClassPass

These Are The Best Fitness Studios and Instructors in Indianapolis, According to ClassPass

The leading fitness and wellness membership, ClassPass announced the top fitness studios and wellness instructors in North America. These winners are the results of a nationwide vote, with 28,777 submissions, as well as in-depth analysis of more than 24 million studio and instructor reviews and ratings made during 2019.

“ClassPass has the most robust database of fitness reviews on the planet, with access to global insights compiled from millions of attended classes at 30,000 partner studios, gyms, and wellness providers across more than 28 countries,” says ClassPass Chief Commercial Officer Zach Apter.


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  • Best Studio: Shred415
    • Shred415 is an instructor-led, calorie-burning, high-intensity interval training class divided into four 15-minute intervals, alternating between treadmill drills, and strength training. You’ll select your weights and set your speed on the treadmill, and your instructor will challenge you to work up to your next level.
  • Best Instructor: Diana Fisbeck, Survival Fitness
    • Survival Fitness offers HIIT & Strength classes. HIIT classes are a blend of resistance training, heart-pounding cardio, and plyometric training. These workouts are a combination of the circuit, traditional and nontraditional cardiovascular, and light free-weight strength training.
  • Best Instructor: Mark Short, InCycle
    • InCycle offers the ultimate indoor cycling sweat session – they take the best parts of indoor cycling, weight training, and core work to create a fun and challenging workout that delivers results (burning up to 700+ calories in a 45 min. or 1-hour class). InCycle’s highly effective cardio and strength workout set to upbeat music in a beautiful studio with two walls of floor to ceiling windows. All level of riders, from the beginner to the advanced cyclist, will find their challenge.

To see the full list of all the best studios and instructors in North American visit, classpass.com.

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