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VASA Fitness’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mindi Bridges Talks Why New Gym is For Everyone

VASA Fitness’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mindi Bridges Talks Why New Gym is For Everyone

Last week, we had the opportunity to tour Indianapolis’s newest gym, VASA Fitness, located on the East Side of town. The moment you walk in the door, it was clear that this gym was designed with incredible attention to detail. Every aspect of the gym – from the front desks to the VASA Fitness mobile app – has been crafted with intention. VASA’s inclusive, welcoming, and fun atmosphere makes it the perfect gym for absolutely anyone and everyone. Creating a gym that is affordable, yet high-quality, is the aim of VASA FitnessWe sat down with Mindi Bridges, VASA’s Chief Marketing Officer to learn a little more about the new gym and why it’s unique.


What is VASA Fitness (background/history)?

VASA Fitness is a high-value, low-price operator of fitness clubs with 45 locations across six states and more than 400,000 members. We were built on the idea of bringing people together to connect, get fit, and have fun. Our fundamental purpose is to change lives through innovative and accessible Fitness. We want everyone to be able to afford and have access to a high-quality fitness experience.

VASA Fitness Front Desk


What kinds of amenities, classes, and training does VASA offer?

Our “mall of fitness” approach and 60,000 square foot gyms offer a wide variety of options for people to achieve their fitness goals. We have Group Fitness classes, Studio Red (high-intensity interval training), Studio Cycle, a personal training cage, functional training area, free weights, Olympic lifting, cardio deck, indoor lap pool, hydro massage lounge, retail space, basketball court, spa, steam, sauna and KidCare services. It’s a fantastic value for what you pay.


Studio Red

What makes VASA unique?

There are a few things that make VASA unique. The first is our culture – we want everyone who walks in the door to feel uplifted and like they truly belong. Our staff is very friendly and genuinely looks forward to seeing their regular members. The second thing that makes us unique is our expansive, modern club design. Unlike our competitors that outsource club design, we have an in-house team of architects and interior designers that live and breathe our culture to make sure every element of the clubs reflect what our members want. We love creating cool, fun spaces where people feel comfortable. Lastly, we focus a lot on innovation and keeping our programming current and on-trend. Our Studio Red and Studio Cycle classes are vital differentiators for us.

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What does VASA bring to Indianapolis?

The fitness and sports culture in Indiana aligns well with VASA’s values, and we’re excited to be a part of the community here.

Fitness Cinema

How can one join VASA – what memberships are offered?

VASA is in the business of making Fitness approachable with high-quality, innovative products. We can do this with our Basic $9.99 per month membership, which gives members access to all cardio equipment, strength training, and Olympic lifting areas, functional training turf areas, and locker rooms. The next level is our Fitness membership for $21.99 per month, which includes everything in Basic along with access to all group fitness classes, the fitness cinema, basketball court, hydromassage lounge, light therapy, indoor pool, steam, and sauna. Then our best value is our $49.99 per month Studio membership, which includes everything in Fitness plus our premium Studio Cycle and Studio Red high-intensity interval training classes. Members also have the option to add Personal Training and KidCare.


VASA is for whom and why?

VASA is a place for everyone – all personalities, fitness levels, abilities, body types, and genders.

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