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5 Morning Habits to Shape Your Day

5 Morning Habits to Shape Your Day

How you start your morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. In order to get the best out of every single day, it’s important to adopt healthy habits starting early in the morning. It’s no coincidence that the most successful people follow a morning routine. Developing a plan that works for you, and sticking to it, is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. Here are five morning habits to help shape your day into one that is productive and peaceful.


1. Make your bed

Sounds pretty straightforward, but even something as simple as making your bed in the morning can set you up for success! This simple act of leaving your place of sleep in a presentable condition reinforces to your highly impressionable, half-asleep brain of order and calmness. Start your morning with less stress, a better mood, a productive mindset, and readiness to conquer the day!


2. Hydrate

Your body has gone without water for many hours, so it is essential to replenish yourself before taking in any other food or drink (yes, this includes coffee). Drinking a big glass of water every morning is critical to prepping your GI tract for the rest of the day. Plus, if you drink water throughout the morning, you will be much closer to meeting the recommended eight glasses per day. Stay hydrated, and get started first thing in the morning.


3. Plan your day

A simple list of the three things you’d like to accomplish in the short term (i.e., before noon, before the end of the day) can go a long way and help you move swiftly throughout the day. Writing it down on paper or typing it in your phone can take the stress away from needing to remind yourself. A few small tasks as simple as “pick up the dry cleaning, find a birthday card, and make quinoa” will keep you on track and help you to manage your time wisely. Prioritize a few things you need to get done and make the rest of the day run even more smoothly.


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4. Play music you love

Regardless of your morning plans, some fun, energizing tunes can help put you in a positive mindset to start the day ahead. Listen to whatever makes you happy and write/type out your plan before leaving the house. For anyone with a long commute, some uplifting music is a great way to make the commute feel a bit shorter. 


5. Move

Feeling a bit tired mid-afternoon? Take some time each morning to get your body in motion. Whether it’s gentle stretching, walking the dog, or taking an early workout class, make sure to do something you enjoy! Get that workout in and reap the benefits for the rest of the day. Plus, doing something positive for your body early on can lead you to make better food choices throughout the day. It’s a win all around.

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