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8 things to do with your kids at home besides looking at a screen

8 things to do with your kids at home besides looking at a screen

Many parents in Indianapolis and across the nation are being advised to stay home. With schools closed and companies shutting down offices each day. Many parents have to figure out ways to entertain their kids at home for an unexpected and unknown period of time. With a little creative thinking and simple planning, there are plenty of ways to keep everyone entertained right at home. Check out 8 ideas to help keep everyone busy this week.


Play board games

One of the classic kid-friendly activities is playing board games, and it is a great way to spend time together. Are you a Monopoly fan, or perhaps Candyland? Check out Amazon for some fun board games if you’re looking for inspiration.


Have a baking party

Most kids love to bake, particularly with the promise of a sweet treat at the end! And getting kids involved in the kitchen from an early age is a great way to introduce them to everything from new flavors and foods, the math and science of baking, and cooking. Visit www.acouplecooks.com for recipe ideas. 


Break out the crayons

Coloring books are no longer for kids.  And while researchers and art therapists alike have touted the calming benefits for over a decade. So take out those coloring books or print off some free coloring pages, get out all the pens and crayons, and set up a coloring station at the kitchen table. 


Bring out the photo albums 

The best thing about being forced to be in the house is to spend extra time with the kiddos. Take this time to build deeper connections and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Kids love looking at old photos and hearing stories, so find those old photo albums and have a look at the past.


Make scrapbooks

Give your kids some old photographs. They will love to make special scrapbook pages you can add to your scrapbooks. Supplies needed include old pictures, craft paper, glue, glitter, stickers, or whatever else you have.


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Do ‘mindful movement’ videos

Apps like GoNoodle are full of mindful videos that are designed to release pent up energy in kids while helping them learn at the same time. Your kids will probably be familiar with GoNoodle from school, and it’s easy for parents to create a family account, so you and your children can use them whenever they need to dance their boredom away.


Have a dance party

Create a playlist with your kids and turn the living room into a dance party! By the time they’re done dancing and singing along to their favorite songs, they’ll be too tired to be bored – at least we hope.


Move your body 

There are tons of yoga and fitness classes on YouTube that are geared toward kids of all ages. And there is no better way to pass the time than to move your body. Take a look at Cosmic Kids and Kidz Bop for child-friendly video options to get them moving.


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