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Help Save Local, Fresh Foods by Supporting the Produce with Purpose Fund

Help Save Local, Fresh Foods by Supporting the Produce with Purpose Fund

COVID-19’s arrival in Indiana has created an unprecedented disruption to local farmers and food producers who depend on production cycles that bring food, fiber, flowers, and more to our restaurants, farmers’ markets, and communities.

Farmers’ markets have become a critical ingredient to our nation’s economy, food systems, and communities. Connecting rural to the urban, farmer to consumer, and fresh ingredients to our diets, farmers’ markets are becoming economic and community centerpieces in cities and towns across the U.S.

Since 2008, the Indy Winter Farmers Market (IWFM) has served an essential function as a vital source of fresh fruits, vegetables, and food staples for our community. However, with the recent progression of COVID-19 and local orders to postpone or cancel gatherings of events, more than 50 people.

Growing Places Indy, a local nonprofit, who runs the winter market, was forced to suspend operations for the remainder of the season.

In response, the local nonprofit launched, Produce with Purpose Fund. This fund is intended to directly help minimize financial fallout for local farmers and food producers caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, it is vital that we do all we can to support local farmers and access to fresh, local foods.

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Fresh, locals foods are essential to all of our lives and should be protected at all costs. Please consider supporting our fund so we can help secure the future of local, fresh foods within Indianapolis.

Donate by visiting: https://www.patronicity.com/project/produce_with_purpose_fund#!/

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