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Hallmark Donates 2 Million Cards as a “Thank You” to Workers

Hallmark Donates 2 Million Cards as a “Thank You” to Workers

Today, Hallmark announced a 2 million card giveaway to people across the country. This donation follows their first 2 million card donation, which encouraged people to send “paper hugs” to their loved ones. The overwhelmingly positive response from the first donation led Hallmark to donate another 2 million cards. This donation, however, serves a different purpose.

Hallmark’s new donation seeks to express gratitude for those working to help others during the coronavirus. These fantastic workers in healthcare, delivery, food, education, and many more, deserve our love and support more than ever. Hallmark is encouraging people to use these “gratitude cards” to send as a thank you to the millions of workers and volunteers.

Chief Marketing Officer of Hallmark, Lindsey Roy, speaks on the new donation and mission:

“We are inspired and uplifted by the many heroes who are stepping up during this time. As one of our cards says, not all heroes wear capes. They are in our hospitals, our senior centers, our grocery stores, our schools, our communities. and our families – and each of them deserves a huge thank you for their hard work during these unprecedented times. The response to our first 2 million card giveaway showed just how much care, hope, and love people want to put into the world right now. We hope the next 2 million cards allow people to show the gratitude we know many are feeling right now – and to ensure those receiving those cards know just how much they are appreciated.”

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To show your appreciation, sign up to receive a free three-pack of gratitude cards by visiting Hallmark.com/CareEnough. Also, you can share your story or check out the stories of gratitude from around the world using #CareEnough.

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