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4 Self Care Tips from Massage Heights

4 Self Care Tips from Massage Heights

At this time, it is especially important to take some time to practice self-care. No matter what your go-to self-care activities involve, spending time to focus on your mind and body can help to relieve any stress or anxiety. Our friends from Massage Heights in Indianapolis know the importance of self-care, so they came up with some creative ways we can practice, focusing on the face and body. Read on for their tips and recommendations that we can all try right from home!


Give yourself a Revitalizing Face Massage

Start by washing your face and your hands with warm water. Then, warm your serum, concentrate or oil between your palms and begin massaging it into your face with gentle (but firm) pressure. Massage the lymph area under your ears and along the sides of your neck. Knead the sides of your face, and smooth forehead lines by pressing your fingers above your eyebrows and slowly sliding them upwards. Gently, press your fingers under your eyes and slide them towards your temples (pro tip: your ring finger has the lightest touch). Finally, use light vertical strokes to massage your neck and décolleté.


Treat the kids to a massage

Help your children relax and relieve anxiety with a gentle massage. Start with your child laying on their stomach with their head tilted to the side. Begin with light strokes over the head and gentle compressions on the scalp. As your child relaxes, use a light pressure to massage the back, shoulder, and neck muscles. Using oil or lotion, begin giving your child a light massage on their arms, kneading the muscles and rubbing the palms of the hands. When massaging your child’s feet, use a little more pressure to avoid the tickling sensation.


Start your day with simple upper body stretches

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These daily stretches are perfect for helping relieve tension and soreness in your upper body. First, take a seat and make sure you’re sitting up straight. Begin by warming up your neck muscles. Tilt the chin down to the chest and back to center, then look up and back to the center. Repeat this motion 5-10 times. Without moving your shoulders, tilt your head to the left and right, bringing your ear down to your shoulder and repeating this motion a few times. For a deeper stretch in the side of your neck, you can pull your head to each side. Then look to your right, back to center, to the left, and repeat as needed. Next, cradle your right arm in your lap and reach your left arm over your head, leaning to the right. Repeat this stretch with your left arm cradled, leaning to the left. Doing this daily will help keep your muscles relaxed.


Release tension with a tennis ball (or other household items)

Working from home is forcing us to use our bodies in different ways. If your wrists are sore from typing on the kitchen table, place a tennis ball or other small sports ball (i.e., baseball, softball) on the table and roll it along your forearm or the palm of your hand. If your upper arms are sore, consider placing the tennis ball between your deltoid and the wall, rolling it up and down at your desired pressure. You can use the same up-and-down rolling motion to work out tension in your pectoral muscles and shoulder blades. For lower back pain, lay down with 1-2 tennis balls under your back and roll from right to left. You can use the same back and forth motion for your calves, feet, and hamstrings.

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