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10 Simple & Healthy Recipes to Try this Week

10 Simple & Healthy Recipes to Try this Week

Right now is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and cook some new meals that you’ve never tried before. Experiment with new flavors, keep nightly meals exciting and send a quick photo of the finished product to your family and friends. Ordering takeout or delivery may not always be the most affordable or healthy option. Nevertheless, don’t waste hours in the kitchen, but cook something that fuels your body and makes you proud.

Check out this week’s list of 10 simple, healthy recipes for you or the whole family!


1. Easy Soba Noodle Bowl

Source: acouplecooks.com


2. 5 Ingredient Lemon Chicken with Asparagus

Source: pinchofyum.com


3. Warm Goats Cheese Kale Salad

Source: jazzrecipes4health.com


4. Stir-Fried Hoisin Steak with Baby Bok Choy

Source: cleaneatingmag.com


5. Lemony Greens Soup

Source: brit.co


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6. Spicy Shrimp with Cauliflower Mash and Garlic Kale

Source: pinchofyum.com


7. Blackened Chicken and Avocado Salad

Source: brit.co


8. Buffalo White Bean Chili with Vegetarian Sausage

Source: foodnessgracious.com


9. Salmon Poke Bowl

Source: acouplecooks.com


10. Instant Pot Steamed Cod With Ginger Scallion Sauce

Source: brit.co
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