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Oral Health Expert Dale Audrey, R.D.H., Advises People on How to Care for Their Teeth When They Cannot See a Dentist

Oral Health Expert Dale Audrey, R.D.H., Advises People on How to Care for Their Teeth When They Cannot See a Dentist

Oral health expert Dale Audrey, R.D.H., of Oral Fitness Inc. explains how people should care for their teeth and gums when they cannot see a dentist. Many factors prevent people from going to the dentist, including the COVID-19 pandemic, cost, lack of insurance, illness, lack of mobility, and the fear of pain. Fortunately, Audrey has developed a holistic approach that everyone can follow to protect the health of their teeth and gums.

“During this time most people are unable to visit their dentist, and the products available at their local stores are not only laden with harmful chemicals but do not provide the full solution to oral care that is needed to properly take care of your teeth and gums,” warns Audrey. “It is so important to have an oral health care regimen that is a complete solution because simply brushing and flossing your teeth will not suffice.”

While a lot of individuals are probably not aware of the importance of cleaning their tongue, Audrey advises that the tongue harbors bacteria like a sponge, and she recommends a detox serum and tongue cleaner to remove debris and bacteria as the first step to everyone’s oral healthcare routine.

The next step should always be to rinse with an all-natural mouth rinse to help reduce bacteria that cause dental issues, without altering the oral microbiome. An all-natural salt-water rinse will also help to provide relief from the soreness of dental conditions or treatments.

When it comes to toothpaste, ingredients are very important. Certain harsh detergents or other ingredients may have potentially harmful side effects. People should always avoid ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or the antimicrobial agent triclosan. Audrey recommends brushing with a gentle mineralizing toothpaste, formulated with natural ingredients, which effectively cleans teeth without causing tooth abrasion.

To protect your gums, Audrey suggests flossing with an all-natural floss to remove bacteria below the gum line and sides of teeth and using a gum massaging tool to increase the blood flow to the gum tissue, which helps strengthen gum tissue and improve overall gum health. Audrey has also developed a Perio Powder and Perio Serum specifically designed to help prevent and reverse gum disease in its early stages (gingivitis).

Audrey stresses that consistency is key when it comes to establishing a daily routine. She advises the following three essential steps:

  1. Commit to the routine
  2. Start slowly to avoid becoming discouraged
  3. Provide positive reinforcement for maintaining the routine

While following a daily routine is imperative for oral health, Audrey cautions against trying to take on too much too soon. For example, if someone knows that realistically they will not floss every day, they can floss every other day instead. They will likely notice their teeth and gums feel less “clean” on the days they withhold from doing it. In turn, this feeling will motivate them to start flossing every day in order to achieve a “clean” feeling.

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“We spend a great deal of time and money on our hair and makeup, but taking care of our oral health is more important. When you establish a routine using Dale Audrey’s products, you can protect your teeth and gums in less than 10 minutes per day,” Audrey said.

Making it a point to practice tooth brushing in the morning and evening is also critical for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. According to Audrey, people who tend to fall asleep at night without brushing their teeth should brush them after dinner instead.

As an oral fitness coach™, fueled by her passion to help people live a better quality life through optimum oral care, Audrey offers free consultations to anyone who would like advice on how to properly take care of their teeth or to address specific problems. During the consultation, Audrey will find out exactly what an individual’s needs are and formulate a customized solution for better oral healthcare.

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