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In the Day and Life of Indy Wellness Influencer Krystle Jacquin

In the Day and Life of Indy Wellness Influencer Krystle Jacquin

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Indianapolis has a growing wellness scene thanks to women like Krystle Jacquin, Wellness Influencer, who shares her experience on Instagram on how she stays healthy while working fulltime, building a new business, and being a wife and so much more. We chatted with Krystle, to learn a little more about her day to day routine to stay healthy.

Who I am: Krystle Jacquin (@krystleciarafit, krystleciara.com

Where I live: Indianapolis. From Chicago.

Career: For her 9 – 5 job, Krystle works in healthcare with senior citizens in assisted living. “It is another passion of mine just helping seniors have a better quality of life.” 

Meal prep side-hustle: I am a big foodie. I went plant-based 4-5 years ago, and I had to experiment with recipes. People kept contacting me about my food, how good it looks in pictures, and if I cook for other people. One weekend, someone asked me to cook for them, and I said, ‘sure, let’s do it.’ A few weekends after prepping for them, I thought, ‘I could probably do this.’ Now, I have a set of dates, like Monday through Thursday; people get me their orders by Thursday evenings. I have a set menu and do change it bi-weekly and exchange different things. I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to prep and meet up with them to give them their meals for the week.

Day-to-day life: I do work 9 AM -5 PM. Typically, a couple of days a week, I work out in the morning time, a couple of days a week, I work out in the evening, but I usually do some type of journaling, quiet meditation, or clearing my thoughts. After work, I go home and play with my dogs, maybe go on a long walk. I cook dinner and have a quiet time before I go to bed. I do a lot of recipe testing to try and perfect them, create my website, and work on how I can expand.

What role fitness plays in my life: I make it a priority. It is something that is a lot of who I am. It keeps me grounded. I would describe it as a core value. Look good, feel good. It’s a win-win!

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How has meal prep improved your life: If you don’t have some type of plan as to what you’re going to eat, you’re more likely to eat out-or not get enough calories-you end up going for convenience. [Meal prep] can be so many things. In my opinion, there are more possibilities and combinations of things to eat because there are so many vegetables.

Advice for those starting their wellness journey: Dive in. Just take the first step. It doesn’t have to be this monumental, super complicated goal, just start. Don’t be scared. Don’t second guess [or] overwhelm yourself. Find what works for your body for somebody who’s just starting out.

Top tips for being successful: Drink more water, eat more colors and make workouts a priority.

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