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The best non-toxic sunscreens of 2020

The best non-toxic sunscreens of 2020


It’s no secret that the sun (in moderate doses) provides all sorts of health benefits, including helping our bodies manufacture vital vitamin D. With beach season officially here, many people are looking for the best sunscreens to cut their risk of sun overexposure, sunburns and possibly skin cancer.

The issue? All sunscreens are not created equally. A 2019 report from Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that nearly two-thirds of sunscreens don’t work and contain concerning ingredients that are readily absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, all sunscreens are not created equal, and find the right one can be a task. Don’t worry; we got you covered. Check out our list of the best non-toxic sunscreens of 2020.

1. Drunk Elephant


2. Black Girl Sunscreen


3. Beauty Counter

8. Bare Republic

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