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Starting tomorrow, July 9, Marion County to require face masks in public spaces

Starting tomorrow, July 9, Marion County to require face masks in public spaces

Marion County is making a big change when it comes to keeping people safe during this pandemic. Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett recently announced, starting July 9, residents and visitors alike will have to wear a face mask when out in public.

Marion County becomes the fourth Indiana county to make masks mandatory. The others are LaGrange, Elkhart, and St. Joseph counties.

Under the new rule, wearing a face mask will be required in public places. This includes office buildings and retail establishments, and when entering restaurants but not while sitting at the table. Masks will also be required if you’re outdoors and unable to maintain social distancing.

The requirement does not apply to individuals who are:

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  • Two years of age or younger
  • Unable to wear a face-covering for a physical, mental or health-related reason
  • Hearing or speaking impaired individuals for whom a face covering would be an obstacle for communication
  • In a hospital or other healthcare facility in circumstances where a face covering would impede proper care
  • Homeless
  • Alone in a public building
  • Traveling in their vehicle
  • Working at a job where wearing a mask would present a safety risk
  • Incarcerated
  • Seated at a restaurant, bar or another establishment that serves food or drink and are eating or drinking (If you are not eating or drink you must wear a mask)
  • Engaged in outdoor physical exercise such as running, jogging, bicycling, walking or swimming in groups under 25
  • Exercising indoors and doing an activity that is incompatible with wearing a face covering
  • Experiencing an emergency situation in which they lack the time or means to put on a face covering

Marion County is still providing face masks – free of charge – to any resident who doesn’t already have one. You can apply for one by CLICKING HERE.

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