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Meet Aleta Osborn: The Founder of Pure-trition a local juice and wellness company

Meet Aleta Osborn: The Founder of Pure-trition a local juice and wellness company

According to research by American Express, Black women are starting businesses at the fastest rate of any racial group, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Today we are excited to put a spotlight of a new Black-owned wellness business in the Indianapolis area. We sat down with Aleta Osborn, Founder of Pure-trition, a local juice company, and a certified health coach and culinary nutrition expert to learn more about her wellness business and her mission to create a healthier and happier Indianapolis community.

Aleta began her health and wellness journey as a blogger, sharing her struggles with diets and the culture surrounding them. Her initial intention was weight loss; this focus was not getting her the results she wanted to see. 

“After I shifted my thought process from I wanting to be a size six, to how I can eat cleaner for overall improved health, my journey truly began,” said Osborn. She created a juice and smoothie cleanse, and her blog took off. Still, when people started to respond with questions of their own, Aleta realized that if she wanted to help people and sell her cleanse, she needed to be credible: Thus began her journey to acquiring her certifications. 

One of the courses Aleta took focused on plant-based nutrition, which opened her eyes to the world of health-conscious eating, and inspired her to want to learn more. She then completed courses to become a certified health coach. Aleta explained that her love of coaching led her into people’s homes on a more personal level. “I would spend hours helping my clients meal prep, and I introduced my juice and smoothie cleanse to help reduce cravings and increase energy,” said Osborn. Aleta soon found that the process of juicing was too much work for her clients, and took the responsibility on herself, signifying the creation of Pure-trition as a juice delivery business. 

Pure-trition now operates out of its commercial kitchen and offers eight flavors of juices, a seasonal juice, and a new soon-to-be-released line of wellness shots. Aleta now provides workshops, and will soon be implementing Taste Test Tuesdays, inviting the public to sample before they buy. If you are interested in trying Aleta’s famous juice, you can order directly from her website. There is a five juice minimum, and the deadline to order is Fridays’ at 9 pm, for delivery that next Monday. Pure-trition is also offering curbside delivery for safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Starting Saturday, August 1st through Monday, August 31st, Aleta is launching her 3rd Annual Move With Me Challenge. This challenge is entirely free to register for, and there is no restriction on the number of participants. 

“I want to get people up and moving with this challenge. That’s the whole goal”, said Aleta. Participants are encouraged to do any kind of exercise that can be measured by distance: This includes running, cycling, walking, swimming, and other forms. Through an app invite sent by Aleta, participants will be able to see their progress and how it compares to others in the challenge. The app will sync with your smart device (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.) and record your activity level at all times.  “It’s exciting to see people get competitive; they see their own activity and others are encouraging. Family and friends end up signing up and challenging each other”, said Osborn.  

There are also prizes for those on the top three of the leaderboard, so if you already weren’t convinced, you should be now! The prizes include entry into a chance to win ten free juices cleanses,  a $50 Pure-trition gift card, a $25 Pure-trition gift card. 

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When asked what her favorite part of this annual challenge is, Aleta responded with a story. “During the first year of the Move With Me Challenge, a friend of mine who was struggling with high blood pressure and decided to start exercising and juicing, and a month later, her doctor took her off her high blood pressure medication,” Osborn. 

When Aleta heard the good news, it inspired her to keep pushing and reminded her why she is passionate about helping people live healthier lives. 

It is not too late to sign up for this year’s challenge or jump on the health-bandwagon. Wherever you are at on your journey, Aleta and Pure-trition will meet you there. After all, “At the end of the day, you don’t just want to live, but live a healthy and enjoyable life”, said Osborn. We couldn’t agree more!

To learn more and to sign up for the Move With Me Challenge, visit pure-trition.com. Also, follow Aleta on InstagramFacebookLinkedin, and Twitter for more updates! 

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