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Q&A with Angi Grant, Founder of the Indy Fitness Festival

Q&A with Angi Grant, Founder of the Indy Fitness Festival

The Indy Fitness Festival is back for the third year, and we sat down with the Festival’s Founder Angi Grant to learn about the inspiration behind the festival and how she’s balancing our new normal while planning a big event. Read on to learn more below. 


Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am an Eastside Indy native who grew up playing sports. Three-sport athlete in high school (I went to Scecina) and a former D1 collegiate softball player from Purdue. I have a void and a sense of loss when I’m not active. It’s part of my identity. 

So I turned my passion for fitness into a multi-city health and wellness event in my hometown. I’m a lover of all things fitness and momma of two. My mission is to inspire others to get up and move and live FIT, FREE, and happy, which is where my blog originated. 


Q. What inspired you to start Indy Fitness Festival?

An article in Shape magazine about a Lululemon fitness festival hosted in the UK got things started. That article, along with my passion for various fitness and introducing people to the places that inspired me the most, really got things in motion. From there, the Indy Fitness Festival was born! 



Q. Why should people participate in the Indy Fitness Festival? 

The Fest is going to give you a reason to release and reconnect. Now couldn’t be the perfect time to focus on your health and hone in on your physical and mental wellbeing. We love the community, and you will experience the Indianapolis and surrounding cities’ love throughout the entire weekend. 


Q. What can people expect if they attend the Indy Fitness Festival?

People can expect to meet new friends throughout the weekend who are experiencing the Fest or a class for the first time too. It’s a time to get re-energized and fill that cup back up. Connecting looks a little different these days, but we still have found a way to make it work. 


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Q. As a mom, how to maintain your health and wellness while running a side business?

It’s a balance for sure! I have a day job working for Salesforce for the last nine years, running the Fest, my blog, and being a momma and wife. But I LOVE being busy, and I thrive in it, to be honest. 

So how do I maintain a healthy lifestyle? I prioritize my days. And I will always do the bulk of my planning on Sunday. I look at my calendar and plug it in for the entire week, or as much as possible. Each day can sometimes feel like a scramble, moving meetings, looking at where I can fit in a workout. But I make it a priority. It’s one of my non-negotiables. And my husband is the cook, so dinner is made with leftovers in mind for lunches, so I’m set for the next days. Days where we don’t have things planned, I look for a quick healthy meal: eggs, quinoa rice, avocado, and salsa is a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner option. 

Pre-COVID, I never worked out from home. But, now I’m balancing both so that I have the option to just walk downstairs and crank it out or make plans to get away to re-energize at the gym. Both are nice to have, but I prefer getting out if possible. I am more motivated by the people and atmosphere than I am doing things solo and in my own home. It’s my preference but it helps me to stay motivated and consistent because I love the feeling, the people, and confidence built from staying healthy. 

I’m lucky enough that I work from home regularly (even pre-COVID) so I can flex my workouts in between meetings during the day. Once 5 pm hits, I’m ready for home, dinner, and getting the kids ready for bed. Or if we are lucky a walk before bed. Then I’m back online for Fest planning at night. 

I’m a night owl and will burn every minute of my day up as much as possible. So a lot of my side hustle is done after the kids go down up until I go to bed. 

We are excited to be a media sponsor of the Indy Fitness Festival, and you can grab your tickets by visiting www.indyfitnessfestival.com.

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