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Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2021 According to EatingWell

Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2021 According to EatingWell

2020 has been the year of health and wellness due to the recent pandemic and more people interested in taking control of their health. Every year, health and wellness focus companies release their top trends for the new year! Read on to see the top 10 health and wellness trends of 2021, according to EatingWell.

EatingWell Magazine recently announced the Top 10 Food and Wellness Trends for 2021, handpicked by its editors.

The global pandemic has altered the way consumers eat, shop, and think about food, with the spotlight shining on health and wellness. Using premium insights, EatingWell’s team of editors, registered dietitians, and test kitchen cooks explored evolutions in the industry that resonate most with their audience right now and identified what to expect to see more of in the new year from timely topics, such as immunity, given the current global pandemic, to increasingly popular trends like air frying—an appliance that heats up in minutes to create a crispy texture on food with virtually no oil.

“Now more than ever, people crave timely, relevant, and trusted content related to their well-being,” says Editor-in-Chief Jessie Price. “EatingWell.com’s views of immunity articles jumped more than 700% year over year in fiscal 2020, with a particular interest in recipes to help immune systems, including soups, salads, and breakfasts. This reinforces our trusted voice in the industry, which gives readers a better way to eat deliciously, live healthy, feel happy, and look great.”

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EatingWell’s list of the Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2021:

  1. Immunity
  2. Gut Health
  3. Anti-Inflammation
  4. Plant Protein
  5. Air Frying
  6. Chicory Root
  7. Drinking Less
  8. Gardening
  9. Sleep
  10. Adaptogens

To learn more about all the trends on the list, read the complete writeup here.

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