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Marion County health department releases New Year’s Eve COVID-19 guidelines

Marion County health department releases New Year’s Eve COVID-19 guidelines

The Marion County Health Department released their COVID-19 guidelines ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations, which many experts fear will cause another spike in coronavirus cases.

“The year is finally drawing to a close — and 2020, of course, was extremely challenging for all across the globe in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic,” the MCHD said in a release. “Unfortunately, as we get ready to ring in 2021, the spread of COVID-19 here has never been more viral.”

The health department said it would not impose any new curfews for New Year’s Eve. Still, it is ordering all restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs, retail food establishments, and other establishments providing in-person food, drinks, or both to be closed to indoor dining and drink service and cleared of customers between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. However, carry-out dining is permissible.

Both the health department and the CDC say that staying home and celebrating with the people you live with or celebrating virtually with loved ones is the safest choice this year.

As always, you should maintain a distance of at least six feet from those who live outside of your household, wear a mask indoors and outdoors at gatherings, and wash your hands frequently.

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Do not attend any events if you are sick.

The CDC asks that everyone remember that you can still spread COVID-19 to others, even if you are not displaying any symptoms.

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