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5 Ways to Celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day

5 Ways to Celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day

Houseplants are a comforting and beautiful presence in the home, and they can also improve a person’s well-being and mental health. Jan. 10, National Houseplant Appreciation Day, is a reminder of how little things can bring so much joy and satisfaction. Here are five ways you can show your gratitude for your foliage on National Houseplant Appreciation Day.


1. Buy A Plant (For Yourself or Someone Else)

Plants make a great gift for yourself or someone else. With more people staying home due to COVID-19, it is vital to create a healthy and relaxing environment. Not only are indoor plants aesthetically pleasing, but studies show that horticulture therapy and growing plants can improve mental health. Having greenery in the home can boost mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and purify the air. As well, children can emotionally grow and benefit from tending to plants. Gifting a plant can be a way to show your appreciation of houseplants and of that person. Check out our top 10 list of plants that will thrive indoors.


2. Repot Your Plants

Remembering to replant foliage that has outgrown its pot is an easy task to push off. If any of your plants need to be repotted, National Houseplant Appreciation Day is a great day to do it. Repotting a plant will allow it to grow even more and live longer. As well, repotting allows you to get a better look at the roots of the plant to identify any rotting or infection. The foliage’s offshoots can even be removed and placed in another container to grow a new plant.


3. Upgrade Your Plant Supplies

Revamp your plant care regimen with new supplies. Many different types of equipment and supplies can go into plant care, such as watering canister, rocks, soil, shovel, pots, and more. Buying new equipment can motivate you to actively care for your houseplant and increase the quality of care. However, purchasing supplies can be expensive. Finding items around the house as equipment can be a good alternative. For example, an old jar can be used as a pot or small rocks from outside to put in the soil. 


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4. Show Off Your Plants on Social Media

Dedicate a post to show gratitude for your houseplants. Just as plants are aesthetically pleasing in the home, many people enjoy a glimpse of greenery through the screen. Documenting your plants through photos or a time-lapse video can also be a fun and rewarding way to see your plants’ growth.


5. Prune and Keep Your Plants Pretty

Do the plants around your home need sprucing up? Start by trimming and pruning dead or infected leaves. Simple upkeep can make plants look nicer and live longer. Keeping infected leaves attached to the plant can actually harm it as the infection can spread. Cutting off bad leaves will allow the plant to focus on providing nutrients to the rest of itself.

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