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Life and Leadership Expert Hillary Hittner Strives to Empower Others Through Coaching

Life and Leadership Expert Hillary Hittner Strives to Empower Others Through Coaching

Sometimes change in life can be difficult— whether that be a new job or position, a big move, marriage, or parenthood. Whatever decision it is that you are making, it can be challenging to make it alone. 

As 2020 has been an eye-opening year, and many of us are in search to find emotional support and guidance during such times. Hillary Hittner, a certified life coach, explains how her line of work helps people.

Hittner provides coaching sessions to individuals and organizations, and she is also part of the Accomplishment Coaching program that trains other life coaches. She mostly specializes in helping women and mothers return to work, though she also works with women and men from different backgrounds.

Currently, Hittner is pushing out a new program for organizations that are geared toward retaining an advancing women after maternity leave. The program focuses on leadership development, well-being, and work-life balance.

Hittner describes her approach to her clients as empathetic, steady, and fearless. She serves as a support system for her clients, whether that support comes in the form of a listener, friend, or expert. 

“It’s how someone needs you versus what you think they need,” Hittner said. 

One of the most important aspects of coaching, according to Hittner, is establishing a purpose and connection to a goal.

“I think we forget a lot of times that inspiration and motivation are often transient,” Hittner said. “If you don’t attach some accountability and some support around it, it’ll leave you. With coaching support, we help others choose to change now versus in six months or a year.”

Hittner first became interested in maternal health after having her first child and pursued becoming a doula.

“In that process, I realized that I wasn’t necessarily interested in the birthing or postpartum period,” Hitter said. “I was actually interested in the holistic picture of a woman and an individual.”

Although Hittner is no longer an active doula, she still volunteers to assist about two births a year to further show her commitment to working with women. 

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Before finding her passion for life coaching, Hittner also looked into becoming a social worker or a therapist.

Hittner distinguishes therapy from life coaching as therapy is a healing based modality for trauma, while life coaching is a forward-based conversation rather than reflecting on the past. Although Hittner is an experienced and certified life coach, she faces challenges every day just like anyone else.

“I think there is a myth that when you have the title of a life coach, all of sudden you’re some sort of expert on life,” Hittner said, laughing. “Like your humanity just melts away and you become this blissed-out robot, but that’s not actually true.

“The only difference is that I have tons of tools to support me. Coaching has supported me and helped me become more resilient.”

If you are interested in life coach sessions with Hillary Hittner, she can be reached at hillary.hittner@lusciousmother.com or on her Instagram @hillary_coaching.

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